Textile Design

Honeycomb Textiles provides you with the opportunity to work directly with the designer to create exactly what you’re looking for. Either by selecting from our range of patterns and pallets, or working with us to create something unique.

Cushions, curtains and reupholstery

We can help you turn your furniture in to stunning, unique items that you will always love. We work with you to choose the patterns, colours and fabrics to suit your taste. We then provide excellent reupholstery and sewing services to complete your projects


We can provide you with just the right fabric. Luxurious velvet, canvas, heavy linen or light cotton. We are happy to discuss solutions with you. Browse our growing selection in the shop or contact us to discuss what you’re looking for.


licensing patterns

A selection of our patterns are available for non-exclusive licensing through these sites. If you require the exclusive license of a pattern for your project please contact us to discuss this.

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