Finding Inspiration on Holiday

I heard a ‘thing’ yesterday that I’ve never heard before but it made a lot of sense to me. ‘Post-trauma growth’. 2017 was a crappy year for us as a family for many reasons, but in 2018 we grew. One of the best experiences was going away on holiday to an island off the coast of Queensland. The place wasn’t flash. Our little hut, bathroom and beds were full of salt and sand all the time. But it was two weeks of heaven and we know how lucky we are to have had it together.

A month or so before we went I had started entertaining the idea of creating patterns for fabrics. Something I have always longed to do but didn’t think would be possible. I came back with hundreds of photos and sketches of all the fabulous oddly shaped flowers and put together a collection of patterns I was happy with.

It started me off on a process that I hope I will continue to use. I don’t live in Queensland but it is very beautiful where I live. So taking time out to walk the dog and stop whilst I’m cycling to take photos of plants, shells and interesting shapes is part of my routine now.