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My love for textiles came from a creative upbringing. My mother taught me to use a sewing machine at a young age. I was also fortunate to have an enthusiastic textiles teacher at high school who taught us to treat textile design as an art form. She encouraged her students to keep a sketchbook and work from our own drawings. My first repeat print was a one colour design from a pine cone screen printed in purple onto blue cotton sheeting. I made a long skirt out of it and thought I looked the bees knees!

I am very lucky to live on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, Australia. The beautiful surroundings are a constant inspiration for my sketching, painting and pattern making.

Originally from the UK, I came to Australia with a young family in 2004. I was a primary school teacher for ten years and chose to further my training in art and design when my children were young. I have been illustrating professionally since 2012 after graduating from Chisholm Institute, Melbourne. I had my first picture book published that year and have gone on to illustrate more than 20 publications. Publishers include Hachette, The National Library of Australia, Ford Street and New Frontier.

Illustrating for children books has been delightful. Experimenting and creating designs with colour and texture is truely addictive. Creating patterns that add vibrancy and interest to a room or piece of clothing is joyful.

Karen Erasmus